Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have been working at Changi Exhibition Centre,
Carrerista Jamboree 2008 for the past 3 days!

Shall reply tags on my next post! (:

Fam, the person who got the the job at the carshow
is like supeeeeeeer nice to us luh!
Other girls have to take cab/shutter bus in themselves and
reach the freaking ulu place before like 12pm and work till 10pm.

But every morning Fam comes to my house, pick me up,
drive to jess's house and pick her up, bring us to have lunch.
(Lol, jess is supeeeeeer well-fed!)
Thenn relax relax, reach the carshow at 2plus,
and he say we can leave after 7plus!

Super slack! And like, nothing much to do either :x

Day 1:

Nobuteru Taniguchi!

Fam told me he was the one who invented drifting!
Very shocked by that fact, hehe i thought drifting is not
something exactly new and prolly the person who "invented"
it is prolly dead or something!

But no leh! Quite young! Hahahhas.

Day 2:

Some of you already asked me where we got the
hot pink sequin dress,
It's from La Senza. (:

I'm soooo thankful i don've to wear those
tacky racequeen outfit thingy..

Jess got the wrong size for the dress for meeeee,
So mine looks super low infront & loose loose everywhere~

Jazzmine & meeeeee.

We're so boooored and have nothing to do,
so we just sat in the car and relax/camwhore..

Eeeeeeeew, why the hell is this smelly thing trying to kiss me?!



Jojo was working there too!

Go home loh go home loooooh! :D

Boyf came to visit meeeee! Hehehe, so sweeeet!
He came at like around 6pm & he waited for me patiently till 8pm!
Awwwww.. *hugs hugs hugs!*

Then he brought me to eat craaaaab, yay!
Yummy yummy butter-cream crab, my favourite!
Watched some action packed/super-gory movie by Donnie Yen
while eating crab at boyf's place. lol.

Shall blog the rest another day!
Tomorrow laaaaaaaaaaaast day! finally, HURRAY!!!
But i think have to work all the way till 12pm
until they countdown. *faint*

So better go sleep early!

Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Monday, December 29, 2008



i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here:

Elizabeth: Aww! Hahahas, happy new year to you too! (:

Fel: Hahahas, maybe you can try sephora at ngee ann city?

lyne: Hahahahahs, i dunno leh,
brown eyeliners don't work for me! hahas

Jenny: Wisma isetan

Jesline: Use eyelid tape luh! haahas

Krissy: No nars and no M.A.C, very disappointing ):

Doreen: hahas, whoops too late to wish you
merry x'mas, so happy new year!

Fidel lover: Hahahas, happy new year~

At: Hahahas, nope. that'll be nice but
I won't expect him to do that thou,
he's a student still, afterall.

Applepie: you can use vpost! (:

Eileen: hahas, maybe, but not so soon i guess!

-: Yup (:

Dipper: hahas, i don't know, but seems like it's not lasting at all,
as compared to other powders, i always have to touch up
alot more times when i'm using the chanel powder,
but maybe i just applies to me. lol.

Reader: Hahahs, hey babe,
mascara ah, sure, but not so soon thou!

Elina: Evian mist can get in watsons,
you can try ebay for the chacott powder thou.
cos i got it in a spree a long time ago.
er, any lanige counters? Wisma isetan.

Von: Hi dear, i already posted the direction/address to the
shop that sells pong pong fen at the end of the review.

Passerby: Sure, no problem! (:

Sam: Hahahas, yup i agree with you,
but sometimes just wanna have more of that
holiday mood you know, how did you spend your x'mas!

Ali Joe: hahahahas, of course luh,
It's nice! Heheh, thanks, it was really sweet of you! (:

DYDY: Hahahas, cosmetic wise won't bah,
But for skincare, my skin is more sensitive.

Xxian: omg. hahahas i threw away the packaging with the
brand name and stuff so i don't know the name!
But i got it from a spreeee!

Alys: you can try ebay!

Kimmi: Yeah i know what you were asking about,
make-up base, but i'm not doing that post yet.

Pau: Omg scary hooooor!
Really got goosebumps when my friend told me about it!

-: hahahas, he didnt even describe the figure to us
and i was soooo scared already!

Serene: hahas, thanks! Nope not coloured contacts,
But i do wear colour contact occasionally thou,
Hahahhas blogshop sponser,
then i have like 5 pairs of contact lens lying around :x

Von: I think so too!
But very hard to get back the same thing luh,
Hahahas, cos that one is actually purple highlights
then it faded until like that one hahas

Jessmiex: No problem sweetie, hope it helped!

Quennie: Hahahas, T Zone Gel from which brand?
Is it effective? (:

Celine: yup there is! unless you choose the transparent one!
you can try ebay cos i bought mine in a spree a long time ago!

Was kinda bored the other day so i made cookies
for my friends for x'mas!

Chocolate mint sandwich cookie

Recipe for cookie:

Mint Creme Filling

2 tablespoons butter, room temperature
2 teaspoons milk
1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
1 to 1-1/2 cups confectioners sugar
food coloring, optional

Combine butter, milk, peppermint extract and
1 cup confectioners sugar in a bowl.
Beat until thick and light.
Add additional sugar if filling is too thin.
Beat in food coloring until completely distributed.

All packed and ready to go!
Hehe, for Boyf, Shir, Felicia,
my two favourite stylist from Clover Raymond & Keida

Meet up with Jess to shop for our carshow outfit last week!
Then Shirley & Felicia came and we went to clover together
to accompany Shir to get her hair done!

My auntie is a monkey. hehehe.

Then jess went to Milly's to do her eyelashes extension,
Felicia went for a express manicure,
so i stayed at Clover and accompany shirley!

Meanwhile doing stupid things like comparing
whose eyes is bigger with Keida. zZz..

I was like, "my mum told me when i was young my eyes
only can see eyeball cannot see the white part!"

Then he say " when i'm young my eyes only can see
the white part cannot find the eyeball!"

.................zZzz... !!!

Told you my auntie's a wee bit kuku! But i still love her! hehehe

Camwhore with shir's cam while she was getting her hair rinsed!

Lol, she looks siaaaaaao.
she walked out like that to go to the carpark area to smoke somemore!
Hahahahahs. alien shirley.

Miss camwhore!

She's super irritating please!
She's like so tall already, still snatch my precious heels from meeeee!
158cm is peeeeeeeerfectly average ok, always bully meeeee!

She even insisted on wearing my heels and taking a picture
with me barefooted to prove what a shortie i am..

Jess didnt wanna take any pictures
cos she didnt apply makeup! Pouts!

Okay, need to sleep, still working at carshow tmr till wed!
Oyasumi Nasai, Loves! (:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hehehe, working with jess is so fun!
Will blog about it another day,
replying tags on my next post cos i'm rushing out! (:

Day 2 in Bintan!

We went to play paintball!!!

It's my 1st time playing paintball, lol.
The paintball gun is very heavy!

Orange team & Blue team!


The people-in-charge told us the rules, instuction etc
and we were asked to go and get
our overalls & helmet blah blah

Omfg, the overall is damn ugly. lol
and my head is too small and the helmet keep sliding down
and obstructing my vision when i was running
and trying to aim at the other teams and trying hard not
to do something stupid like trip over a tree truck or something..

The 1st round everyone was damn careful!
Then the guys made us play girls against girls,
hahahas, i was with wanying's group and
i did something really funny and stupid..

Super paiseh i tell you! @#$%^&*

I've noooooo idea why am i so darn blur okay!

We're suppose to go across the field
to get our team's flag right?
And the other team's flag is nearer to
our team's "home base" right.

I actually made a run, grab the other team's flag,
and i didnt even realise i took the wrong flag okay!!!

eLol, the ugly overalls. it's hot as heeeeell!

Hahahahs, i'm like, the joke of the day. :x
have alot of brusies after the gaaaaame,
boyf have like 4-5 bruises! Awwwww.
Hahahahas, another of our friend got one on his BUTT!

Went back to the villa and took a bath after paintball
then went swimmmmmming!

Me love the poooool! (:

It's overlooking the beach so it's super-duper-whooper windy,
It's like when you stand near the edge of the pool
you can't really open your eyes cos it's so windy
there will be like water spraying on your face constantly.

Went back to the villa, took a bath and
i was watching some shark programme on
discovery channel and i fell asleeeeeeep~

Woke up, went to this "The Kelong" place for dinner.

It's not even a real kelong! It's a kelong kelong. -.-
the seafood is not that great/fresh luh.

And those 10 pax dinner set menu looks like
those wedding dinner menu. Sooooo boring!

Lol, i never eat gong gong before!
It was my 1st time trying it & boyf told me
even singapore one taste nicer/fresher!
Seeee! the kelong is kelong!

(Btw, kelong = fake right? Lol, i forget who told me that,
Sculley bluff me one luh, wanna make me paiseh only!)

Eat eat talk talk talk..

We cross this bridge across to a bar connected from the kelong.
Cos it's like in the middle of the sea,
it's freeeeezing cold and windy!

Lol, boyf love making funny idiotic faces.


Then justine told us a scary story,
he said that time he went to marina square kbox,
then when the four of them wanna go pay,
the manager insisted that there is 5 of them
and want them to pay for 5pax.

then they like.. huh? Why pay for 5 pax?
... only got 4 of us!

Then the manager show them the security tape,
and there was a figure sitting there all along!
OMGGGGGGG, marina square kbox leh..

Chilled at the hotel's bar after that.

Shared an Irish cream with boyf, then this band came
and they performed with guitar, cello, congo and stuff
without even microphone or speakers!

It's really nice, whoa, but it's really super,
He sang like super loudly and nice..

Boyf's bruises from paintball! hehe.

looking kinda eeew without makeup :x

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey theeeeeere, just a short update!

Jessica & i would be working at a car show at
Changi Exhibition Centre from tomorrow,
27 december till 31st! (:

Here's the information of the event:


Friday, December 26, 2008

Brand Review: Base Makeup

Hellooooooo, how's your christmas celebration? ^-^
Mine was pretty simple/boring.
Blah, went for dinner with boyf & his army mates on X'mas Eve
and one of his mates baked christmas-y gingerbread man
& gave us candy canes. lol.

I hope for your x'mas day was fun! :D

Anyway some of you girls have been asking
what kinda base makeup do i use,
what's the difference between loose powder, compact powder,
pressed powder, two-way cake& liquid foundation

It's really simple, for compact powder, pressed powder
it's actually the same as loose powder,
just that it's pressed into a compact so that it'll be easy
for you to bring it out with you to touch up your foundation etc.

For two-way cakes, you can choose
to use it normally with a dry sponge,
Or you could wet your sponge by an Evian facial mist
and apply the two-way cake for better coverage
without that super powdery look.

And for liquid foundation..
pump one finger-sized drop, dot it on your forehead,
cheeks, nose bridge, chin and spread evenly with sponge/brush.
I'd prefer to use a sponge for my liquid foundation thou,
easier to spread for me.

Watson sells those really cheap make-up sponges,
like 20 pieces/pack for like only afew bucks?
Hahahs, so i can just throw away the sponge maybe every 2 weeks?

These are some of the products i've personally tried!

Charcott finishing powder,
this powder is highly raved in japan magazines,
And i got the 170g tub at S$29, in shade 756

It is really really really worth the money,
really finely milled, and such a huge tub!
It's the same size of my whole palm!

Hahahas, i don't think i'll be able to finish
using the whole tub my whole life.
Anyway, it's been used by many celebrities
and it's a professional stage makeup.

The oil control is fantastic & even if i apply alot
of this it wouldn't look cakey at all!

Lancome Photogenic compact

I had this maybe like, 2 years back?
I love this powder! Firstly, it has SPF,
And it doesn't give a powdery look like my boyf will describe
as "smile then her makeup will crack" -.-
but gives very natural flawless look.

Laneige Sebum Pact,

There's SPF in this pressed powder,
and small small small bits of shimmer so
that it doesn't look too matt & cakey even if you apply alot!

And of course, i loooove the packaging!

Ettusais Flat Design Liquid,

This has been my favourite foundation ever since it came out!
It's hides all blemishes & it's not thick or hard to spread.
Has SPF 18 PA ++ and it's pretty good at oil control as well!

Jill Stuart Tint Liquid Foundation,

Boyf bought this for me when he was in Taiwan,
I wanted the Moist silk foundation but it was OOS!
I think as compared to Ettusais Flat Design Liquid
this is much thicker, more coverage.

But, i don't like my foundation to be too thick!
so this foundation is kinda like, so-so to me.
But i looooove the packaging! :D

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra SPF 10

It's suppose to last 14 hours w/o retouching,
But it's obviously impossible for me cos my skin is so oily!
But i love how this foundation is kinda sheer,
feels like you're not even wearing any makeup,
But yet able to cover up all the minor blemishes/imperfection!

Ettusais Zero Pore Pact, (2-way cake)

I'm using the Zero Pore Pact (Oil Block Version) in my
Majorlica Majorca foundation case!

The coverage for this 2-way cake is very good,
to me it's a little tad bit thick, But it really hides my pores
(althought mine is not really visible)

And it's really long lasting, i hardly need any touch-ups
with this 2-way cake, which is like a miracleeeee. lol.

But i'd prefer to use this when i'm breaking out,
I break out like every month before i have my period -.-

Chanel Blanc Essentiel Compact,

I don't like this powder at all. Except for the fact that
it has SPF & the nice white casing, the powder is not that
great as how everyone is raving about it!

Whoops, gotta run!
Else i'm gonna be laaaaaaaate! :D